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  • Everything you need to start making consistent returns from the financial market
  • ​The key technical aspects for trading success.
  • The psychological understandings and awareness to become a GREAT trader as quickly as possible.
  • RARE EXPERT INTERVIEW: Inside the mind of a successsful trader.
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Paolo Baggio

“I have learnt secrets on how to keep my emotions in check and not make the mistakes that I used to make when trading.”

Nik Kalsey
– Silver and Gold Investor

The last year has been an incredible journey for me in the world of Silver and Gold trading and Investing. I have been receiving Traders Mobivation text messages for just under a year now and the impact that it has had on me is second to none. are the next step to helping aspiring traders become successful and achieve their goals

Adrian and Clare Pickersgill – Forex Traders

“Thank you for the early morning push – there have been a few times when we really needed it!” It means that when I am out there in ‘day job land’ I still have a level of support to keep me going.

I would highly recommend them to any traders who are still looking for trading success.

Wolfgang Michel -
Stock Market Trader

When I started trading just over a year ago, I was just open to any substantial support that would help me become successful with my trading! There have been days when the text message was exactly the guidance that I needed when I was dealing with a trading problem I was facing - to great results!

I would highly recommend them to any traders who are still looking for trading success.

If You’re Serious About Making Real Money By Becoming a Profitable and Consistent Trader… Then You Need To Start Here!

Let me ask you this...

  • Have you recently started learning to trade the financial markets? ... but are not making the kind of money you expected?
  • Or are you looking for an alternative and consistent flow of income so that you can stop earning those paychecks that barely help you make ends meet?

If you can say “Yes” to either of the above questions... and if you've ever wanted a simple, proven way to potentially profit from trading in the financial markets, you'll want to read this letter.

Here's Why:

​People have different definitions of success. For me in simplest terms, ‘Success’ is Personal Freedom, freedom to CHOOSE WHEN I do things, freedom to CHOOSE IF I want to do something .

I don't know you, but I feel like I do, because I've been where you are right now.

Without "Personal Freedom", you are being controlled by someone or something else.

I want you to have personal freedom, so what I am going to cover with you today is everything you need to KNOW and what you need to DO in order to become the most successful trader in the fastest amount of time.... even if you are just starting out, and have no experience.

Is There a Way to Have Minimal Risk When Trading?

YES!... and This is your best chance of getting it right!

We've been doing this for the last 8 years now... We have successfully trained, mentored and coached more than 1000 Traders accross Europe,  so for those of you who know us, know we do things differently here at Traders MOBIvation…

We pride ourselves for providing world class education and real and effective strategies that will help you to succeed in the Financial Markets, including Forex Trading, Stock Market and Commodity Trading.

We care… We make sure you’re armed with everything you need to become a successful trader making maximum profits, with minimum risk and in the shortest possible time.

We work with traders at different experience levels, helping them to achieve and sustain high performance, to develop the skills and winning mindset required to succeed, thereby maximising their trading potential and profitability.

So… How Can We Help You?

As a trader you may have heard about the statistics…”95% of traders will lose money,” “Only around 5% will be able to make a living at it,” or “Only 1% of traders really make money.”

Whatever the stats say, the fact is, many traders will lose money…. And not for the reasons you think.

Whether you trade in Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Index’s… etc. There are so many reasons for losses; such as money management issues, poor strategy, bad timing, bad government policy or poor regulations.

These are all important factors that impact the success of many traders… some more than others… but there is a deeper reason as to why most traders will lose regardless of where they trade and what strategy the they employ.

Keep reading… 

I have something VERY special for you that will help you in your journey to making a living from trading the financial markets.

But before that...

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

I'm Paul Harrisson,

I'm excited to have you here...

I have been trading for over 8 years now, using my hard earn money to invest and make more money.

I've got a proven track record, I've won an award for my system and you can leverage my many years of experience from trading in the Financial Markets:

My Experience & The Result of My Research Will Help You Become a Successful Trader

My primary focus is to help traders become as successful as possible and as quickly as possible.

  • I've successfully traded a US Private portfolio for the last 8 years.
  • I've also successfully trained, mentored and coached more than 1000 Traders accross Europe.

Further to that, I've been fascinated by and dedicated over 8 years to researching HOW to help normal people develop into successful traders

  • In the fastest amount of time
  • In the easiest possible way
  • And to develop long term trading success

With this 8 years of study, research and application, I was awarded “Business Innovator of the Year 2011” for this break through.

What Am I Going To Share With You Today?.. And Why Is It So Important?

When I first started trading, I tried many things, from long term trading, to day-trading, to shares to Futures to Forex... you name it, I’ve dipped my fingers in every bowl.

I lost money in the beginning. Huge lumps of it. I took a lot of foolish risks, complicated my life with complex systems that didn’t work and eventually, out of all the chaos and disappointments, emerged the simplest of systems that I use till this day to make consistent profits as a trader.

I cannot take all the credit for my discovery because someone helped me at the time of need.... I had a mentor.

My mentor told me... "The shortest way to success is to find someone who has done or is currently doing what you want to do, and follow their blueprint."

This is the surest way to avoid costly mistakes, pitfalls, headaches, highs and lows they experienced on the way.

It is my chance to pay back the favour to someone like you, who was like me and needed some rescuing.

I have gone through the huge learning curve to become successful at trading, and I understand the importance of a solid foundation.  That is why I've put together this Ultimate Traders Starter Pack to give you the best possible chance of becoming the most successful trader in the shortest possible time.

Ultimate Trader Starter Pack Includes Everything a New Trader Will Need

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What you get here today is A HUGE amount more than what you would expect from a starter pack – and in a LOT more detail.

I will show you EXACTLY what the differences are between successful traders and the rest.

Also, I'll provide you with the information YOU NEED to get a real head start on your journey to becoming a successful trader.


  • The technical aspects for trading success
  • Plus - some award winning technology that has helped some of the most successful traders across Europe get through the learning curve and become successful traders
  • Psychological understandings and awareness that all successful traders have

This is not just one of those simple e-books containing rehashed materials... The entire package will normally cost you £318 to get individually, but today if you click the order button below right now you can have access to the entire starter pack for just £1... no catches, or hidden fees!


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It's time...

Find Out The Most Profitable Trading Secret of All Time That You Can Use To Finally Start Making Consistent Returns from The Financial Markets... in the Shortest Possible Time

According to Waren Buffet the most successful investor of the 20th century.

– Warren Buffett

Investing is not a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with
the 130 IQ… Once you have ordinary intelligence, what you need is the
temperament to control the urges that get other people into trouble in

This can't be further from the truth...

Below is a chart showing you what my 8 years of research has uncovered, and how you to can take advantage of this knowledge to grow your profit potential.

Trader Success Break Down

Thinking Like A Trader Selectively Reduces Individuals' Loss Aversion

Avoid making the same mistakes almost 90% of the traders make.

Not having a clearly defined trading strategy with an edge is the first typical problem here. Having this is a pre-requisite to successful, consistent and disciplined trading. 

However, You'll find that most traders focus their attention to strategy as the main problem to tackle.​.. This is just 5% of what will impact your trading success.

Money managemnet will account for 15% of the problems (With every trade you need to have a certain amount of money that you are investing and risking)

That leaves us with 80% being the traders psycology.

Every successful trader knows  the importance of being able to maintain the positive psychology and how a positive psycology can help them develop the mental skills needed for trading. 

They need to take actions that help the trader keep attention and focus where it needs to be  on the actions most important to financial trading success.

There is a huge  ​list of times and events where traders are prone to losing their discipline.

... And a  successful, experienced trader thinks and reacts VERY differently to how a new trader thinks and reacts

I Want to Help You to Start Thinking and Reacting Like a Professional Trader

If you want to have a better trading performance than the masses, you must do things differently from the masses.

Successful traders are not a dime a dozen, which suggests they must use their minds in a non-conventional way.  So, to emulate their success, we need to do the same thing.​

This level of trader mindset and experience is something that takes some time to achieve. (See the chart below) ... and you can make the process even longer and costly by going it alone. The alternative is that you unlike many others are fortunate because you can learn from someone who has the experience to help you focus on what's important...

I want to help make that journey faster and smoother than anyone else can do for you.​

So here's ....​

The Ultimate Goal Made Easy:

My goal is to get you to a level where you are making consistent returns from the financial market

It is pretty easy to become  a trader in the financial market. The problem is being a good one. Reaching a level of experience takes months and sometimes years.

Awareness, and especially self-awareness, is one of the most important premises on the path to becoming a consistently profitable trader.

Waking your awareness of potential shortfalls, certain market anomalies or negative psychological effects, a trader is able to avoid costly mistakes and evolve.

These are skills that you can have for the rest of your life.

Is a number of months or even a few years a good investment for a money making skill for the rest of your life?

You bet it is...

You Need Three Things To Become an Experienced and Consistent Profitable Trader

  • Someone who has the experience to show you what you need to do and how to avoid costly mistakes.
  • The right education so that you can make better financial decisions based on facts and knowledge rather than on guess work and half baked ideas you got from tips published on the internet.
  • ... and MY SECRET WEAPON, which I am going to reveal to you in a moment.

Firstly, you've got us to help you... ( ME and MY TEAM) We've got a proven track record, We've won an award for our system and you can leverage our many years of experience from trading in the Financial Markets.

Secondly, we've put together the most comprehensive trader starter pack that will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to trade successfully on the financial markets.

Have a look at what you get in the package:

How To Find Your “WHY” Your True Motivating Factors

  • Find out what your most powerful driving force is and how it will help you become successful
  • Find out how to align your motivating factors to supercharge your focus to cut through life’s challenges
  • If you have ever found yourself sabotaging your own success, this is for you!

£17 Value

How To Uncover The Magic In Your Trading Diary

  • Find out what should be contained in your trading diary to teach you how to get the most lessons from your previous trades
  • Discover how keeping a trading diary can speed up you trading journey and get you to your goals as quickly as possible
  • How to use your trading diary to find out exactly what type of trader you are

£19 Value

The Balance Of Trading - Understanding Risk And Reward

Find out exacty what professional traders know about risk and rewards:

  • A professional trader accepts that they do not KNOW exactly which trade is going to make them money
  • A professional trader knows how to weigh up their risk against their potential return on every single trade
  • Find out exactly how to use risk and reward to work out precisely how to calculate which are the best trades to make you money

£21 Value

Emotions and Trading - The REAL Reasons WHY We Do What We Do...

This information could save you from wiping out your trading account:

  • Understand why so many traders wipe out their accounts before they become successful
  • Discover the biggest secret that successful traders understand and work with.
  • Learn how to make the right, rational decisions and choose the right trades
  • Discover why most people go about trading in completely the wrong way

£21 Value

Probabilities - and How To Use Them For Profit

  • Trading and probabilities go hand in hand.
  • There will be winning trades and losing trades
  • Understanding exactly how probabilities work will help you understand precisely how to get the winning edge in the markets.

Let me show you how great traders stack the probabilities in their favour to make money in the markets

£23 Value

Designing Your Perfect Trading Plan

  • The old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.
  • It’s exactly the same in trading the financial markets.
  • You need to put together a trading plan that will keep you on track with your learning and development.

Let me show you how to put together an elite level trading plan with will give you the foundations for your trading success

£21 Value

The Trading Journey - The Road That Will Take You To Trading Success

  • It is a journey to get to your trading success – it doesn’t happen over night.
  • To have the best chance of success, I will show you exactly what challenges you will face over the next few months and years.
  • When you know what to expect, then it’s much easier to manage all the experiences that you will go through en route to becoming a successful trader.

I will show you what to expect and how best to handle all situations that you will face

£33 Value

An Introduction To Candlesticks Trading

  • Elite level traders often use something called Candlesticks to represent market behaviour.
  • Understanding candlesticks can allow you to identify unique opportunities to get into the trade and when to get out of the trade.

Learn how to get that deeper understanding as to exactly what your trade is doing

£23 Value

Maximizing Your Profits With Leverage

  • Once you have got some degree of consistency with your trading, there is a way to get a better return on your money invested.
  • This is what is referred to as using “leverage”.
  • Trading with leverage can MAKE you more money but if you don’t use it correctly, it can cost you a lot of money too.

Let me show what leverage is and how to get the best returns using it, whist protecting yourself from big losses

£47 Value

An Interview With a Trader - Find Out What is In the Mind Of a Trader

Get into the mind of a Trader:

  • Find out how they think, how they started and what challenges they had to overcome
  • Learn the lessons from someone who has been through what any new trader will go through
  • Uncover how simple mistakes nearly ended a traders development – once and for all
  • This is a no holds barred insight into the life of a professional trader

£67 Value

Thirdly, I'm going to share with you my secret weapon:

Even With All This Information You Will Lose More Money... If You Don't Use This:

Listen... if you’re going to become a successful trader in the financial markets, I have got to tell you this...

There is another problem that stops people DEAD in their tracks when it comes to learning to trade.

If you are truly committed to being successful with trading the financial markets, you need to know this.

It has already been established that successful traders are “developed” and “built”, they are not born.

... everyone is different... different things drive different people to achieve different levels of success.

The BIGGEST challenge that faces someone who is going from a completely new trader to an experienced, successful trader is something I refer to as “F.O.M”

F.O.M. Stands for “Front Of Mind” – One of the MOST IMPORTANT secrets in trader development.

You need to maintain F.O.M. at all times so that you can implement your strategies every single day... Even the most experienced traders struggle with this. One of the MAIN reasons why it is so hard is that life gets in the way – it’s a perfectly normal human trait.

Learning to trade is exactly the same thing – life will try it’s best to get in your way and throw you off track.

To be successful with trading, you need to be focusing on trading on a daily basis. It needs to be F.O.M. for you.

How Do We Maintain F.O.M?

It's simple!.... All you need to do is to take advantage of “The Secret” to long lasting trading success...

It's been Voted “Business Innovation of the Year 2011”

... Proven to achieve LONG lasting success for traders

What is it? ... and How can I get it?

All done via text message...

My secret weapon is scientifically designed text messages that have been developed with the help of hypnotherapists, psychotherapist and NLP practitioners to powerfully condition your traders mindset to become a successful trader as quickly as possible..


The Ultimate Trader Starter Pack


The Ultimate Trader Starter Pack is everything you need to become an experienced and consistent profitable trader.

Here's what you get:

  • How To Find Your “WHY” (Worth £17)
  • SECRET WEAPON: 1 Month Traders MOBIvation Text Messages to help you maintain F.O.M. (Worth £9.70)
  • ​Your True Motivating Factors (Worth £17)
  • ​Uncover The Magic In Your Trading Diary (Worth £19)
  • ​Understanding Risk And Reward (Worth £21)
  • ​Emotions and Trading (Worth £21)
  • ​Probabilities - and How To Use Them For Profit (Worth £23)
  • ​Designing Your Perfect Trading Plan (Worth £21)
  • ​The Trading Journey (Worth £33)
  • An Introduction To Candlestick (Worth £23)
  • Maximizing Your Profits With Leverage (Worth £47)
  • RARE EXPERT INTERVIEW: Inside the Mind of a Profitable Trader (Worth £67)

$318  £1

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